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frequently asked questions?

Can I schedule an appointment to start the programme immediately?

. . . YES! . . . The BTSD & VA Training Program is currently being conducted under special scheduling provisions as limited under the present COVID Restrictions.

  • Registration can now be completed with established appointment scheduling for in-house training assistance and support.
  • You will however have unlimited monthly access to our training resources via our Members Training Portal to get started immediately once you have completed the REGISTRATION Process.

Where can I find the VA Internship & Training Application Forms?

Can a newbie succesfully complete the training?

Our Training Programs begin at the beginners level and progresses through higher technical and professional computing and technology skills training.

The Level I Training Programs are uniquely designed for both Newbies to the world of business technology, or for those that have a comfortable or advanced level of familiarity with business and computing technologies.

All training resources are packaged into the affordable Level I - Training Modules, with the Special VA Internship (Level I) Training Program being offered for a Total Registration Fee beginning at tt$450 (us$70) monthly [regularly tt$750 (us$110)], with access to:

  • Unlimited personal training access monthly to our online training resources and Members Training Portal; &
  • Up to 10 hours hands-on computing & tutor supported tech-training at our Computer Training & Learning Resource Center (LRC) in POS.

Successful Trainees can progress through higher level Business Skills & Professional Development Training Programs, with access to our Online Training Modules for your continuing professional and career development.

Currently Available Training Programs include:

  1. BizTECH – “Technology-Skills Training for Non-Techies”;
  2. Business & Technology Skills Development (BTSD) Focus-Skills Training;
  3. Virtual Assistant (VA) Business, Administrative & Management Training;
  4. And VA Internship & Agent Development Training Programs among others . . .

. . . see above training programs'  curriculum here . . . 

Will a certificate be awarded after completion of the training?

. . . A "Certificate of Completion" is awarded at the various Levels, but more importantly, you are provided the opportunity to qualify to join the VA resource pool to engage client tasks/jobs for income generation, as well as the opportunity to access resources for developing and running your own VA Business at the end of Level III.

Will a person be trained at all 3 levels?

. . . Trainees can pursue the advancing levels based on their professional interests and expertise.

The VA Orientation (Level I) Training is suggested for all new Trainees new to the VA field, but for more experienced trainees, the option is available to begin at the VA Internship Level II Training Programme, with the acceptance of their commitment to completing the previous level(s) projects and workshop assignments.

How long is the training?


. . . The Orientation Training can be completed within 1 Month, or in up to 3 months dependent on a trainee's professional interests as well as their current experience, expertise, dedication & commitment.

Will it be done virtually?

 . . . Our VA Internship Training Levels I & II can be pursued entirely online if preferred, but some Program Modules are structured as a Blended (bespoke online / in-house training sessions) due to premium tools and software access required for some training tools to be used.

Trainees can opt to exclude modules with this requirement (e.g., some A/V Video Creation & Editing Tools), . . . and utilize only T3 Tools available online and via our Training Portal . . . so with this alternative, trainees can opt to access only online training modules if preferred.

Your focused training needs can be therefore be taylored as determined by your expertise & experience in your selected or special-focus skills-set.

I saw there is a cost on your page for the training, is it in US or TT?

. . . All prices online will be quoted in US$.

The Special VA Level I Training is being offered at a Special Registration Cost of tt$450/mth., (regularly tt$750) and we expect that with your current expertise, experience and skills-level, we can get you actively working towards being able to engage clients for potential income generation from within your 1st month or well within the 3 month completion term for the 3 levels of the training program.

Can a person join the internship and do the training at the same time?

. . . Yes!

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